Hope & Possibility 5 Mile Race

On June 28th 13 Junior Team A Step Ahead athletes all gathered in Central Park for the Hope and Possibility 5 mile race....great job guys.

Running to the Summit of Mt. Washington

Supported by Junior Team A Step Ahead member Sofia Castillo (Above Knee), Amy Palmiero Winters (Below Knee) took on one of the toughest run challenges in the United States - the annual run up Mt. Washington in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon

Event Date: 
06/19/2009 - 06/26/2009

Okay.....I now know just how those prisoners who tried to escape from the infamous Alcatraz prison felt.....I think, if it were not for my wetsuit I wouldn't have escaped either!!!!!  

Mt. Washington Road Race

Event Date: 

 The Mt. Washington Road Race is a 7.6-mile ascent to the 6288-foot summit of the highest peak in the northeastern United States, at an average grade of 12 percent. Each year the race attracts close to 1000 runners for the steepest all-uphill race on a paved road anywhere. 

Just before race director Bob Teschek starts the race, he always reminds you"there is only one hill." Of course that hill is more than 7.6 miles long with nearly 5,000 feet of climb, a sadistic test of running ability. It's really no mystery why there are so many runners willing to put themselves through this anaerobic hell, and why hundreds of disappointed more wish they could, butwere not "lucky" enough to get picked in the lottery.
It's the challenge, ofcourse. The fact that it is so difficult is precisely the reason so many are so driven to try a race that leaves even the most accomplished runners gasping for breath.

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