About Me

imagebrowser imageA high school track and swimming star, Amy, now a 34 year-old welder and mother of two, lost her left leg below the knee following a 1994 motorcycle accident. Three years and twenty-five surgeries later, her left leg was amputated below the knee. Following the amputation, it took 3 years before Amy could even try to run again.

In 2004, despite only having a walking prosthesis and being 5 months pregnant with her second child, Amy entered the Silver Strand Marathon and came in 2nd place in her division.

In the summer of 2005, two months after her daughter was born, Amy decided to try her hand at her first triathlon in NYC. She hadn't been swimming competitively since high school, she still only had a walking prosthesis and she had to use a borrowed bike from her employer for the event, but she placed 3rd in her division. With this success, Amy decided it was time to level the playing field and found Erik Schaffer, CP, President of A Step Ahead Prosthetics & Orthotics in Long Island, NY.

Beginning in Spring of 2006, with a customized running prosthesis from A Step Ahead, Amy was provided extensive professional coaching and training as a member of Team A Step Ahead. In May of 2006 she ran her first marathon with her new prosthesis, and smashed the world record time by more than 25 minutes. Since then she has broken her own world record, along with the US Men's record, in the marathon when she ran a 3:04 in Chicago, set a world record in Olympic Distance Triathlon in NYC, and won her second triathlon world championships in Switzerland.

She now has a customized biking leg and a road bike courtesy of A Step Ahead, and she competes in events proudly as a member of Team A Step Ahead, a group of elite disabled athletes.